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Jean-Philippe Bellerose

Urban Planner

Senior Director

Nancy Dubeau

Urban Planner, LEED GA

Assistant Director

About this service

For us, urban planning represents the ability to conciliate urban planning and the other themes of the territory in a coherent and sustainable way. We recognize that each project has a direct impact on communities and people's lives. That's why our expertise in urban planning, urban design, architectural design and landscape architecture allows for the planning and development of long-term strategies for our diverse clients.

Whether you are a real estate investor, a municipality or Regional County, we are able to assist you in the following services:


For municipalities and MRC

In urban planning:

  • Revision and modification of urban planning plans, development plans and regulations
  • Realization of thematic maps: assignment plan, zoning plan, stress plan, land use plan, etc.
  • Development of discretionary planning by-laws (PIIA, PAE, PPCMIOI)
  • Urban planning support to municipalities (planning advice, urban planning inspection)
  • Social acceptability and citizen approach
  • Sustainable mobility plan

In architecture and urban design:

  • Preparation of real estate development plans, parks and green spaces
  • Concept of street, public spaces and neighborhood planning
  • Architectural guide
  • Heritage and landscape unit study
  • Study of sunshine and volumetry
  • Modeling and perspective of 3D atmosphere

For real estate investors and promoters

  • Planning and design of residential, commercial and industrial real estate developments
  • Site redevelopment and requalification plan
  • Detailed site planning
  • Real estate phasing and development scenario
  • Architectural and planning guide 
  • Volumetric and solar study 3D modeling and visual simulation 
  • Real estate negotiation
  • Representation and support with municipal authorities
  • Profitability and feasibility study 
  • Project management and coordination of professionals

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