About this service

The engineering of distribution lines from the distribution station to the consumer is an expertise that integrates perfectly with our know-how in outside plant telecommunications networks.

In its team, Infrastructel has highly qualified engineers and technicians capable of carrying out both overhead and underground distribution lines with capacities ranging from 50kV to 3kV. We can carry out pre-project studies, detailed engineering, as well as technical support and monitoring during construction works. We are able to assist you in the following types of projects:

  • Addition of new outgoing line at a distribution station
  • Extension of single-phase, two-phase and three-phase lines
  • Relocation of underground and overhead lines
  • Overhead lines burial projects
  • Conversion of single-phase to three-phase lines
  • Installation and integration of new equipment (breakers, disconnectors, voltage regulators)
  • Power line strengthening projects and related studies
  • Modifications and upgrades of existing power lines to meet new design standards
  • Rearrangement of cables in congested access shafts
  • Addition of circuits to existing lines

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