Infrastructel, is a family-owned consulting engineering company, founded in 1997 by Mr. Robert Rivard. After more than 20 years of existence, its management and ownership has been entrusted to his son Mr. Etienne Rivard. Our team is composed of more than 200 employees that are realizing projects all over the Province.

It is a leading company in the field of engineering and inspection of underground public utility infrastructures, in the design of telecommunications and electricity distribution networks, as well as in the field of buildings and urban planning.

Our team is recognized for its listening to needs, its collaborative approach and its ability to meet challenges related to engineering, provincial program management, planning and cutting-edge technical expertise, always keeping budget in mind. and our client's schedule.

Over the years, we have been able to create relationships and partnerships with various groups of professionals which allow us to work on multidisciplinary personalized projects of various sizes.

Infrastructel provides services to large companies working in the urban technical network sector, as well as to major players in the construction and real estate sector. We support national companies in telecommunications, electricity distribution and work for public organizations such as municipalities and MRCs.

Infrastructel in numbers

  • Created in 1997
  • 19 nationalities 
  • More than 160 employees including 20% of professional engineers
  • More than 40% of women 
  • More than 30% of the employees have 10 years or more of seniority
  • 3 offices in Québec (Longueuil, Québec, Gatineau)


The first one being INTEGRITY and professionalism.All actions carried out by the organization, both to customers and employees, then to suppliers, are based on integrity, professionalism and honesty.


The second value guiding the actions of the company and its individuals is COLLABORATION AND KNOWLEDGE SHARING. This principle allows to establish and develop strong teams able to surpass customer's expectations


The third value representing the heart of the organizational culture is COMMITMENT AND COMPLIANCE. This value applies not only to commitments made to customers, but also to the employees and shareholders as well. By fulfilling its commitments, Infrastructel enables clients to stand out in their respective fields.


The next value conveyed by Infrastructel is ADAPTABILITY. In the field of telecommunications, technology is fast evolving and the company faces it every day. Therefore it is necessary for our individuals to be able to assimilate, understand and manage these changes quickly and efficiently


Lastly, the value combining everything is PASSION. A passionate individual in a working environment, promotes knowledge sharing, pushes the limits and methods in place to see beyond the current technology, favors collaboration with suppliers and enforces relationships with customers.


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