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Infrastructel is a company with a human dimension that allows employees to be up near the leaders of the organization and be involved in decisions. We rely on the expertise, know-how, respect of the others and the collaboration of our entire team in order to convey our values on a daily basis. We focus on the professional development of our employees and the recognition of their contribution.

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Municipal infrastructure

Municipal infrastructure

In order to offer its private and public customers an integrated ecosystem on a human scale, Infrastructel now has within its group a team specialized in the field of civil and municipal infrastructures.

The public works and hydraulic engineering sector is one of the areas in which Infrastructel is able to support developers, property owners and municipalities.

This team will work in close collaboration with the other disciplines present within the firm, whether with our group in urban planning and urban design, urban technical network infrastructures, lighting or building, in order to offer you an end-to-end service. end in your project.

  • Street infrastructure
  • Rainwater management
  • Drainage, water and sewer
  •  Parks and public spaces
  • Sports facilities
  •  Watercourse management

We make sure to offer you solutions that allow you to find the best balance between your budget, environmental protection, sustainable development and technical constraints.


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INFRA Urban Planning

INFRA Urban Planning




Infrastructel’s urban planning team believes that all land use planning projects have an impact on people and their environment.

This is why each project entrusted to us is carried out with the objective of respecting the living environment of current and future inhabitants, as well as respecting the necessary balance between populations, activities and equipment.

Our approach in urban planning is reflected in the desire to organize living spaces according to a specific project and various contingencies: climatic, economic, environmental, social and cultural.

For us, customer support, the search for solutions adapted to each community and the consultation between citizens, partners, promoters and municipal administration are values ​​that we believe in and constitute objectives that we pursue every day.

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