About this service

Infrastructel has a solid expertise in the design of wired telecommunications networks and particularly in the field of fiber optic. Our teams of engineers and network designers can take care of your most complex projects in this area of expertise.

We master all the latest technologies in fiber optic networks regardless of the topology of your network and your needs. We are very active in FTTx deployment projects, especially in FTTB and FTTH

The services offered in this area of expertise are:

  • Preliminary studies for budget planning, analysis and economic comparison of solutions and technical feasibility analysis
  • Strategic Network Deployment Planning
  • Field surveys and mapping of existing infrastructures
  • Geo-referencing of equipment and structures
  • Design of copper, coaxial or fiber optic networks, with selection of cables, terminals, housings as single or joint network, aerial, buried and underground
  • Design of new pole lines and aerial support structures
  • Negotiation of rights of way and easements as well as exterior cabinet locations and equipment rooms in buildings;
  • Coordination and management of the works

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