About this service

The public works and hydraulic engineering sector is one of the areas in which Infrastructel is

able to support developers, property owners and municipalities.

​Whether it concerns projects related to sanitation and drinking water supply networks, the development of intervention plans for these networks or the management of rainwater, our team of civil engineers and technicians is in able to collaborate with you and integrate other specialties of our firm in order to bring to bear all the necessary expertise (public lighting, urban planning, landscape architecture, building, etc.)

We make sure to offer you solutions that allow you to find the best balance between your budget, environmental protection, sustainable development and technical constraints.

Our study, design, engineering and monitoring services are offered to you in the following areas:

  • Street and road infrastructure, including road, curbs, sidewalks, parking lots, multi-use paths, etc
  • Drainage and aqueduct master plan
  • Overflow management plan (OMP)
  • Drainage, aqueduct and sewer networks
  • Rainwater management (swales, retention basins, infiltration systems)
  • Infrastructure of parks, public spaces and outdoor sports facilities
  • Wastewater treatment plants and networks
  • Watercourse management

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