About this service

Civil engineering associated with the design of underground infrastructures for electricity distribution, lighting and telecommunications is a specialty in which we have accumulated more than 25 years of experience. During this period, we have carried out projects with a high level of complexity, large scale and in all types of environments possible.

Infrastructel’s engineering team is able to support projects that optimize the cost and time to deploy these infrastructures to ensure profitability.

We can assist you with the following activities:

  • Studies and analysis of existing infrastructures in conflict with the execution of road works and major works and engineering for temporary and / or permanent relocation
  • Engineering and design for the construction of new underground ducts including all types of manholes, junction, transformation and connection chambers.
  • Design of concrete bases for installation of cabinets and equipment on base (TV1024, TSS, BRO, RHINO, etc.)
  • Engineering for open trench deployment, by directional drilling method or pushed pipe.
  • Specialized engineering for the construction of directional drilling ducts under major obstacles such as: rivers, railways, motorways or energy transport corridors
  • Engineering for ducts construction using bridges and viaducts, including access cages and walkways;
  • Engineering for the reconstruction of manholes and underground chambers
  • Development of temporary protection methods and temporary support of exposed ducts and cables in place during municipal work

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