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Infrastructel welcomes Joelle Chan as new shareholder

We are pleased to announce that our colleague Joelle Chan, P.Eng. PMP, Senior Director – Shared Services, is added today as a shareholder of our firm!

''I am extremely happy to see our colleague Joelle Chan, P.Eng. PMP, join our group of shareholders at the beginning of the 25th year for our organization. Joelle is a brilliant woman who demonstrates a high level of professionalism. She perfectly embodies the values ​​and philosophy of our organization. Seeing her join Dominique, Kin and me is a source of great pride for us. With Joelle by our side, we are a better team'' – Etienne Rivard, CPA CMA –

It is thanks to her human side, her great curiosity and openness to learn, as well as her analytical mind and her ability to effectively structure the most complex processes that Joelle has distinguished herself. She is a valuable asset in the management and administration of a company like ours.

''I still remember my interview with the founder Robert Rivard. From the start of our interview, I felt that I was already part of the team. I had just had my first child and wanted to have a second. When I discussed this aspect with Robert, his reaction was “Great! We love babies at INFRA. Besides, I have a photo with each INFRA baby since the company was founded. I then understood that I was joining a firm close to its people and its customers. ’’ – Joelle Chan, P.Eng. PMP –


Joelle Chan is an electrical engineer, graduated from the University of Toronto in 2005, having also completed a certificate in telecommunications networks. She has held the Project Management Professional (PMP) designation since 2010 and began her career in 2005 for Bell Canada/Expertech as Project Manager for the underground infrastructure congestion program in Ontario. She then joined Prestige Telecom/Netricom in 2006 as Coordinator of Telecom Network Projects, including the first wave of FTTN/FTTH projects in Quebec between 2010 and 2013. She joined Infrastructel in 2015 as Director – Drafting Services and supervised the AutoCAD and GIS drafters in our organization. She was then promoted to Senior Director of Shared Services (Design, Permits, Project Management, Rights of Way) and took charge of our group's entire ISO 9001 system following the retirement of the former partner George Staicu. In 2021, Joelle was also entrusted with the engineering team associated with network design for telcos with tenant status with the CRTC.

Join us in congratulating Joelle on this next step in her career.

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