About this service

Infrared thermographic inspections play an important role in the preventive maintenance program of many electricity distribution companies or owners of industrial and commercial installations.

Our company has an experienced team of certified senior thermographs and site managers for the underground network. They have state-of-the-art specialized equipment at their disposal and are able to easily inspect the electrical components of your network.

Infrared thermographic inspections are based on a method that identifies a variety of anomalies and complications such as corrosion, components and faulty connections. These inspections can be done while the electrical systems continue to operate. We can provide the following services:

  • Thermography on electricity distribution networks
  • Preparation and concession taking in underground structures, civil structures on pedestals or aerial structures
  • Analysis of the electricity network and comparison of the state of the cables with that indicated in the system
  • Full scanning of low and medium voltage components by infrared camera to measure temperature and produce thermal image
  • Verification of partial discharges of medium voltage joints
  • Verification of low voltage components
  • Thermography on electrical installations of industrial and commercial buildings
  • Scanning of components such as electrical panels, transformers, rotors, motors, buried heating systems, etc.
  • Aerial thermography by drone for the investigation of malfunction points on electrical transport and production installations (obsolescence, transformers, bearings, short circuits)

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