Municipality of Saint-André-d´Argenteuil

Following a modification of the development plan of the MRC in 2017 in order to integrate orientation 10 stemming from the government orientations in terms of land use planning for the territory of the Metropolitan Community of Montreal, the Municipality had to proceed with the adoption of concordance by-laws to modify its town planning by-laws. Guideline 10 provides guidelines for the optimization of space, increasing residential density and limitation of urban development within a perimeter. Thus, the Municipality had to review the planning of its vacant spaces in order to densify its urban perimeter and consolidate its urban areas. All with the aim of curbing urban sprawl and preserving natural environments. We did the complete drafting of the urban plan and regulations.

Integration of land use planning management concepts in order to meet the contemporary urban planning challenges of this municipality:
  • Management of the built environment;
  • Protection of heritage;
  • Agricultural and forestry territory;
  • Economic development;
  • Environmental mangement and sustainable development;