Groupe Lawlor


The urban planning mandate entrusted to us by the Lawlor Group consisted of planning land development for the construction of residential buildings located on Ste-Angélique Road in St-Lazare.

This project had the particularities of being the first dense project in the heart of downtown Saint-Lazare close to services and having to deal with the presence of a buried pipeline requiring special permissions and amenities.

The Infrastructel urban planning team carried out the realization of the 2D concept, the drawing of the buildings, parking lots and other components of the project according to the particularities.

The team also coordinated all the professionals involved in the project, including the production of tenders, the realization of the 3D concept and the development of promotional and advertising material such as the project name, logo, 3D renderings and sign.

This project should be submitted to the CCU and involved the management of a watercourse south of the site requiring special authorizations and facilities.


  • Presence of various components complicating the implementation of buildings: pipeline, water courses, ground levels, air transport networks, etc.
  • Achieving the first dense project in the heart of a city
  • Social acceptance of the project 


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