In order to meet the growing demand for its products, the Lagabière microbrewery entrusted the Infrastructel team with the mandate to design the electromechanical elements for the construction of a new industrial building capable of brewing 100,000 hectoliters per year. in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu.

The Lagabière company has been working in the microbrewery field for ten years. The Laganière brothers, co-owners of the company, mandated us in their project to assist them in the development, design and construction of the building's various mechanical and electrical systems while promoting environmental protection measures. saving and recovering energy.

The new building, with a surface area of ​​more than 17,000 sq. ft., includes a tasting room, a research and development laboratory, temperate and refrigerated storage, technical rooms and the brewing room where produced the different beers. Administrative offices have been provided on the second floor.

Here are the main elements our team worked on during this mandate:

  • Domestic water distribution networks;
  • The sanitary, process and storm drainage network The natural gas distribution network;
  • The heating of the building using natural gas unit heaters;
  • The natural gas hot water production system;
  • The steam distribution network for brewing equipment;
  • The compressed air distribution network for the brewing equipment;
  • The chilled water distribution network for the brewing equipment; The washing water network for sanitation;
  • Electrical connections of mechanical equipment and specialized equipment for the process;
  • The heating of the offices upstairs by electric baseboards;
  • Interior and exterior lighting (building and parking);
  • Emergency lighting and exit indicators;
  • Electrical distribution;
  • The fire alarm network; Infrastructure for telephone and computer cabling.

Here are the energy saving and recovery measures designed in this project:

  • The general ventilation system for the warehouse, air exchanger with energy recovery;
  • The general ventilation system for the factory, air exchanger with energy recovery;
  • The air conditioning of the offices upstairs and the tasting room on the ground floor by a monobloc air conditioning unit on the roof with variable speed;
  • The implementation of a control system for offices to optimize the performance of the air conditioning/heating system while minimizing electricity consumption;
  • Natural cooling (free cooling) for all technical rooms;
  • The use of low water consumption plumbing fixtures;
  • The use of energy-efficient LED (light-emitting diode) lighting fixtures;