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Coop internet Pierre-de Saurel


With about fifteen percent (15%) of the rural population of the MRC Pierre-De Saurel who still does not have access to high-speed Internet, it became essential for this territory to provide rapidly a high-speed internet services.

In order to meet this need, the Pierre-Saurel Internet Services Cooperative, created in April 2010, had a mandate to distribute high-speed Internet service throughout the MRC Territory.

Deployment of this service was to be done through a wireless network that included the installation of antennas with fiber optic extensions to serve almost all of the 1,093 households in rural areas that still did not have access to high speed internet.

As a first step, the engineering team validated the wave propagation study that had been carried out with a view to using the 2.4 GHz and 900 MHz frequency bands as stipulated in the preliminary study. This validation allowed us to detect a potential to carry out a new study in the new frequency regulated by the CRTC of 3.65 GHz, frequency corresponding to broadband type WiMAX waves.

Following this comparative analysis of the proposed sites, Infrastructel proceeded to a new wave propagation study using the parameters associated with the regulated frequency of 3.65 GHz.

The works carried out for this project are the installation of 11 new towers of telecommunications 30 meters high type TITAN-T200, the installation of 4 towers on grain silos, the installation of 4 masts on grain elevators and the provision and installation of WiMAX wireless access points for 21 point-to-multipoint sites and 12 point-to-point sites.

The Cooperative now has several hundred clients in the MRC and is now exploring the possibility of adding VoIP and IPTV services in the coming years.


  • Respect the budget provided by the Cooperative in relation to the subsidies obtained
  • Adapt the preliminary engineering of the 900 Mhz and 2.4 Ghz network to a WiMAX-type broadband network of 3.65 Ghz
  • Complete the entire project within the timeframe provided when obtaining subsidies