Steve Larose, urb. takes the leadership of the INFRA Urban Planning team

STEVE LAROSE, urb - Senior Director

In order to continue its growth and the diversification of its urban planning services, I am very pleased to announce the arrival of a high caliber person at the helm of our team.

Steve Larose will therefore take the leadership of the INFRA Urban Planning team from July 13 and will join the Infrastructel management committee at the same time.

I am excited to be able to count on someone like Steve for the future. His vision of urban planning is in line with our vision of the development of this group for the next few years. Steve has over 14 years of experience in the municipal sector, as well as in the real estate development, mobility and sustainable development sectors. Having held the position of director of development for the city of Candiac for the past two years, he has had the opportunity to be involved in innovative projects.

I am confident for the rest of things with Steve, at the helm of this team and I know that our clientele will be in excellent hands.


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