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In order to facilitate and accelerate the deployment of public utility infrastructures in real estate development projects, road extensions or overhead network burying projects, Infrastructel offers a turnkey solution combining coordination, engineering, technical services and work supervision for the electricity, telecommunications and road lighting component.

The great experience of our staff and the excellent technical credibility we have with different stakeholders (HQ, Bell, Videotron, Gaz Metro and City) puts us in the category of essential for this type of mandate.

  • Meeting with the promoter and / or the municipality for the collection of specific information
  • Completion of project opening requests from public utility companies
  • Planning of the kick-off meeting with all stakeholders
  • Coordination with representatives of utilities for transmission of design guidelines and coordination of plans;
  • Design of road lighting including lighting of parks, pedestrian and bicycle paths (civil and electrical);
  • Design of Hydro-Québec, Bell and Videotron infrastructures to reduce delivery times;
  • Integration of the preliminary design of each company and analysis of conflicts with municipal infrastructures
  • Optimization of the overall design according to the concept of deployment selected
  • Management of the tendering process for the attribution of construction works
  • Technical support during the realization of the works
  • Quality inspection of the construction works
  • Inspection of the electrical installation (wiring, lamppost, barrel, etc.)

Our strength lies in our ability to support our customers in a way where they have little control over time and costs. We are able to rationalize infrastructure needs to save you on construction costs and speed up the management of the electricity supply component of your project.


We are able to offer large public and private companies, the support of the full component of public utilities infrastructures when carrying out major work affecting road infrastructure, public transport and industrial and commercial facilities.

Our approach is to first deliver a reliable and accurate mapping of existing networks and infrastructures to avoid events on these infrastructures during the realization of your project, which can lead to significant costs and delays.

  • Documentation search
  • Consulting the network archives of various public utility companies
  • Preparation of Info-Excavation requests and analysis
  • Location according to various techniques (hydro-excavation, video cameras in confined space, exploratory threading, electromagnetic locators, probes and geo-radars, drones)
  • Survey of surface elements

As an integrator, we are then able to coordinate and support the complete engineering needs of these infrastructures to provide for temporary and permanent relocation, breakage and rebuilding solutions with a view to all the various networks that are present in your project.

This integrated approach allows for better coordination between stakeholders, reduces construction costs and significantly reduces the time associated with this component.

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