Hydro-Québec Distribution


Inspection, evaluation of the structural integrity and reprocessing of 30,000 wood poles of Hydro-Québec's distribution network.

Infrastructel was hired by Hydro-Québec to carry out the inspection, the structural integrity evaluation and the reprocessing of wood poles used in the distribution network.

In 2016 and 2017, we inspected more than 30,000 poles in various areas of the province between April and November.

This project include geo-referenced records from each structure, collect information and associated elements, data transfer to a geographic information system (GIS) and bar code installation to update the customer's inventory.

The team then conducts the visual and physical inspection of the structure to obtain all the data necessary to diagnose the structural condition of the pole and to make a decision about the actions to be taken.

The teams carrying out these inspections also reprocessed the poles in order to extend the life of the pole, insure public safety, maintain continuity of service and preserve forest resources.

The reprocessing products used in these activities are approved by the MDDELCC and the Canadian Department of the Environment.

We are proud to help Hydro-Québec optimize this important economic and environmental asset.


• The amount of information to be processed and managed on a daily basis with a view to the quality and accuracy of the data delivered

• Difficult access to structures du to field conditions and pole locations

• The influence of weather conditions on production