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Composed of unique housing complexes, multiple convenience stores, business offices and vast green and public spaces, Solar Uniquartier is emerging as a major pole of attraction on the South Shore of Montreal. Located at the intersection of Highways 10 and 30, this project involves more than 4,000 housing units.

Infrastructel was mandated by DEVIMCO/EDYFIC, in order to carry out the planning and detailed engineering for the supply of all the buildings with electricity (distribution network) and telecommunications (wireline network) planned for the project. Our team carried out the plans, specifications and monitoring of all the underground infrastructure work required for these needs.

Our team specialized in telecommunications was also mandated to carry out the study and engineering for the deployment of the Wifi network in the Place de la Gare and the Espace Explora in addition to planning the implementation of a private fiber optic network to connect all the buildings of the project for the integration of surveillance elements,  security and controls.

This project embodies exactly what INGENUITY SERVING COMMUNITIES means to our firm.