Centre La Traversée


This project with La Traversée was a greatr challenge, converting a heritage building with a strong architectural character to fit out housing for the elderly and room units in intermediate resources with care for the people with loss of autonomy.

The building benefits from high efficiency mechanical systems with low temperature hydronic heating, high-performance centralized control ensuring an optimal level of comfort and ventilation and air conditioning equipment, also ensuring high air quality. The mechanical systems put in place allow heat recovery with its many enthalpy recovery devices. 

An important challenge in this project was the installation of all electromechanical systems in a heritage building where all the equipement doesn't conflict with the architecture of the building. All equipements have been installed in coordinated rooms and spaces (i.e. The attic for majortity of ventilation systems). For electrical systems, this project included all occupant safety installations like generators, fire alarm systems and auxiliary systems (Assistance call system, telecom systems, etc.).

La Traversée is a repeat customer for Rochon Experts-Conseils. We have, over the years, carried out various projects togheter and are proud of the business relationship that has been established.