Commission des services électriques de Montréal (CSEM)

Inspection of 750 manholes and transformation chambers with 360 degrees panoramic pictures with analysis of structural integrity and recommendations.

As part of its annual inspection and maintenance program of its extensive network of conduits and manholes, the CSEM has issued a public tender won by Infrastructel for inspection of 750 manholes on the territory of the City of Montreal.

These inspections were conducted with 360 ° picture technology that provides a high resolution picture of the structure in order to analyze the structural integrity, conduit utilization and owners of telecommunications cables.

This project was carried out within the timeframe specified by the customer and the quality of photos and analyzes were highlighted by the customer at the end of the mandate.


  • Produce high quality 360o pictures
  • Perform inspection during winter time
  • Respect clients Schedule
  • Minimize road blocking periods during inspection