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Signature on St. Lawrence (SSL), Bell Canada, Montreal Electric Services Commission (EMSB)


As part of the major construction project for the new Champlain Bridge, Infrastructel was mandated by three different clients to carry out the conflict analysis mandate between the new bridge structure, as well as the new access roads and underground electricity and telecommunications infrastructure, as well as for certain aerial telecommunication networks.

Working closely with CSEM infrastructure tenants (Telus, Cogeco, Hydro-Québec distribution, etc.), Infrastructel's civil engineering team completed various mandates over a 3-year period, both on the South side of the bridge (Brossard) and on the Montreal side (Nuns' Island, Atwater sector, etc.).

As part of this mandate, we conducted the inspection of dozens of manholes and underground transformation chambers with our 360 inspection technology, to determine the networks present and the structural condition of these chambers.

The Infrastructure team conducted a complete analysis of all plans to identify potential conflicts with utilities, met with each stakeholder whose infrastructure was identified as conflicting with the construction of the new bridge, identified solutions for each section of the conflicting network, determined the cost estimate for all the work to be done (temporary, permanent and protection), carried out detailed engineering and provided technical assistance during the realization construction work

The end of this major construction site is approaching and we are currently monitoring the latest relocation work on ducts , breakage and reconstruction of manholes and the aerial network burial.


  • The amount of conflicts to be analyzed and for which solutions had to be provided
  • Restricted underground space in the affected areas, particularly in the Atwater sector
  • The multitude of stakeholders in the project (SSL, Telcos, HQ, City, CSEM, etc.)